7 Things You Must Know to Get Your Custom Lapel Pins

If we wanna get our satisfying lapel pins, we better know some information to help us to make decisions. There are 7 main suggestions.

1. Knowing The Use Of Lapel Pins Firstly

The use and application of the custom pins are the most factors to consider at the beginning of designing. Are they the employee pins, tourist souvenir or Fashion accessories?

The custom lapel pins need positioning. Please no worry if you don’t have a concept, we will guide and inspire you. For example, if your target is student, then the more fashionable, the better, such as the luminous lapel pins would be suitable. The most popular choice is hard enamel pins style, it also called cloisonne lapel pin. If you need to consider the cost, soft enamel pins are another good choice.


2. Understand The Craftsmanship And Types Of Lapel Pins. What We Need Is The Lapel Pins That Works Best For Us

Layered Effect: Soft Enamel Pins, Stamping, the materials are copper and iron.

Smooth Surface: Screen Printing, Hard Enamel Pins. Soft enamel pins will also word after adding epoxy on the surface. The materials can use copper, iron, and so on.

Gradient color: You must use printed pins (drop plastic badge), the surface will be slightly raised because of protective epoxy.


3. The Choice Of Lapel PinsMaterials

Copper (recommended), iron (low price), other non-metallic materials include acrylic, organic glass. For example, if the custom lapel pins are used at the wet place, then you better choose non-metallic materials in order to avoid rust.

4. Lapel Pins Accessories

The accessories usually are a butterfly clutch. As for the larger sizes, you can use two sets of butterfly clutch. The free packaging is the small poly bag. You also can choose other high-level accessories, including small plastic boxes, brocade boxes, flannel boxes and so on.


5. Plating

The custom lapel pins can be gold-plated, nickel-plated, silver-plated, nickel (silver-white), bronze and so on. The surface can make into sanding, matte or other effects. If you have seen transparent


6. Cost Consideration

The cost of lapel pins is mostly determined by the materials, craft, size, and quantity. If you have enough budget, you can choose any materials you like. The price generally are, hard enamel pins>soft enamel pin,  stamping > printing.


7. Some Suggestions For Design

Generally, the design is more complex and the color is more, the price will be higher. All lapel pin’s designs are recommended to be simple and clear. It is necessary to continuously communicate with our design team during the design process.

If you have a clear idea about the custom lapel pins and want to find a good enamel pin factory, we would like to recommend lapelpinbiz.com.


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