The Most Commonly Used Accessories Of  Custom Lapel Pins

A good lapel pin wouldn’t be complete without suitable accessories. There are so many choices of accessories for custom pins, but how can we choose the most suitable style? At first, we may get to know the information about popular styles and their characteristics.

After years of experience, we have concluded butterfly clutch, rubber clutch, and safety pin are the most popular styles between customers.


Butterfly clutch

Butterfly clutch also is the most common style. it is called a butterfly clutch because the appearance looks like a butterfly that opens the wings, you can easily remember its look depending on its name. It is used together with the pin and clamping the pin to stick on the clothes or another item. The pin also has different choices depending on the design or requirement of lapel pins, pins usually have three sizes, they are 8mm 10mm 12mm 14mm.

Conveniently, the butterfly clutch can make different plating effect according to the design of lapel pins. And it is easy to use but also easy to lose.

butterfly clutch



Rubber clutch

Rubber clutch is the same usage with a butterfly clutch, it is used for fixing the pin. Its materials usually are environmentally friendly plastic or rubber, so it will not cause any damage to the skin. But due to the features of rubber and plastic, it would inevitably lose the tight after a while.

rubber cup_

Rubber clutch


Safety pin

Safety pin, as the name implies, is mainly for safety. Not like the butterfly clutch and rubber clutch, the pin will not directly point to your skin, and even the accessories lose, it will still not hurt your skin.

Safety pin_

Safety pin



Other types of accessories

Except for the above three styles, we also have other styles, they may not very popular, but each of them has unique features. Such as magnet backing, Cufflink and stick pin.

Especially some lapel pins are cute and beautiful, so they are very attractive to children. Or some lapel pins are originally made for children events, at this time, we may choose safety pins for safety consideration.

Magnet backing is more safety than a safety pin because it sticks on the clothing through the magnet, there is no pin exists. So it is also a good style if the custom lapel pins are for children. Also, the other advantage of no pin is you will not damage your cloth!

The cufflink is designed specifically for suits sleeve. The delicate appearance will help you to create a unique sense, even on the expensive clothing, it will not affect the noble feeling.

Stickpin is so popular in recent years. We can see it at various parties or ceremonies. Its features are long pin and small metal cap. The unique style makes it more special and wearing it make the whole outfit more characteristic. But the stick pin is not just for beauty, it also has a function that connects the tie and shirt.

A suitable pin accessory will make your custom lapel pin better, and through function to choose pin accessory will also let the custom pin more convenient. If you want to any more suggestions, you can contact lapelpinbiz. com, over 20 years of experience in designing and producing custom pins.


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