Lapelpinbiz. Com, as an over 20 years lapel pin maker, they already made many successful high-quality products. They have rich product lines, and each style has great experiences. Their product line includes soft enamel pins, hard enamel pins, printed pins, and vintages. There are some pieces of information about Custom Pins. 

1. Hard Enamel Pins And Soft Enamel Pins

Hard Enamel Pins And Soft Enamel Pins are the most popular styles. Both of them are of high quality and full-color design. They both go through die struck the metal material into the recessed area for showing design, the difference is they use different kinds of pigment, Soft enamel pins use liquid pigment, hard enamel pins use solid pigment. Due to different styles of pigment, soft enamel pins become uneven surface and hard enamel pins are still smooth surface after high temperature. The reason is the water in liquid pigment has been lost, so the color area will be lower than metal edges. 

As the most popular styles, they have a delicate appearance and durable quality. That’s why they suit in some fancy occasion. Our suggestion is choosing soft enamel pins or hard enamel pins if you need a custom pin for the important place. 

Hard enamel pins vs soft enamel pins


2. Printed Pins

Printed pins are special compared with the other custom lapel pins. Printed pins keep the whole picture design without any changing on the lapel pins. So even some gradient color effects or tiny complex words are available on them. Also, because of the easy technology, they have the fastest production time and the lowest price.

The point is printed pins can meet your colorful design effect at the fastest time with the least money. Especially when you need custom pins in urgent, printed pins are the best choice.

Printed PinPrinted Pin



3. Vintage Pins 

Vintage Pins are made into vintage effects on purpose. They can be several colors through plating, the colors include gold plated, antique silver-plated, antique brass plated, antique copper plated. 

Vintage pins usually show the design without too many colors, which simplified design presented on custom pins. Also, they are loved by the buyer who fancy vintage style. And vintage pins really are so appropriate to be a souvenir for the historic anniversary. 

Vintage Pins Vintage pins



If you have the plan to make your custom lapel pins, we would like to recommend some good service about 

  1. Free design service

All the above styles are support free design by the professional design team of The design team has rich experience for many years and designed successful custom pins for some brands. Also, the design can unlimited revision before production starts. 

  1. Custom lapel pins no minimum

If you only need a small quantity or just one piece, this will be the best news for you. custom lapel pins no minimum order quantity. Of course, if you need a large quantity, has more favorable to you. The bigger the amount is, the more favorable the price is. 

  1. Free shipping and punctual delivery time offers free fast shipping by air, the customer will get the order just in 5 days, including production and delivery. And we finish every order on time, the orders will arrive on the date as promised. 

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