The lapel pins are a symbol to indicate identity, occupation, and honor. The original lapel pin is very early and can be traced back to the primitive social totems. The earliest record of lapel pins was found in China.

But the history of lapel pins in China is different from European countries. In Chinese ancient, the famous tiger-shaped tally and waist belt were the prototypes of the current lapel pins. Until the Qing Dynasty, the pins started to have modern meaning. In China, the real lapel pin started with the Shuanglong Baoxing series of the Qing Dynasty in 1863. Below is the picture.


ancient pins


However, the development of the lapel pin in European countries started with jewels. The production materials were through huge change, from extremely expensive jewelry pieces (such as Dunstable Swan Jewel) to simple common metals.

At that time, the main form of the lapel pins was worn by pilgrims if they completed the pilgrimage, the lapel pins indicate a loyalty to politicians. It is understood that England released 13,000 lapel pins for the royal celebration party in 1483. The quantity is almost the same as the current population, which shows the lapel pins are so popular.

Since the 20th century, with the continuous evolution of the lapel pins, the classification of the lapel pins has gradually become clear, mainly divided into identity lapel pins, art lapel pins, and practical lapel pins. Identity lapel pins are the most common form, such as military emblems, school lapel pins, Olympic lapel pins and so on.

The Olympic lapel pins can be divided for narrow sense and broad sense. The narrow Olympic lapel pins are an honor given mainly to Olympic participants, referees and other participants. The broad-based Olympic lapel pin, also known as the Olympic medal, is issued by Olympic organizing committee members, sponsors, and media. The main purpose is for commemoration, collection, and exchange. Therefore, the broad sense Olympic lapel pin can be the identification and commemorative collection.


Olympic lapel pin



The art lapel pin, also known as the lapel pin sculpture, is a miniature artwork represented by a lapel pin. The art lapel pin shrinks the sculpture to a size small enough to fit on your palm. Because the lapel pin sculptures are small and easy to put in the hands, so in general, the lapel pin design is very individual. And because the price of the lapel pin is relatively low, it is easy for collectors to add the master’s work to their collection.


vintage lapel pins


Practical lapel pins generally referred to for an event, such as anniversary medals, large PK medals, large event lapel pins and so on.

Since the 21st century, the crafts lapel pins have been constantly upgraded, the custom lapel pins have become more and more personalized, can meet different functions in various scenes, and are beautifully made, high-end gorgeous, each delicate lapel pin is like a piece of art. Nowadays, according to the different crafts, the custom enamel pins are classified into hard enamel pins, soft enamel pins, vintage pins, printed pins. And are professionally designed and produce custom lapel pins if you want to get custom lapel pins, will be a good choice.

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