Gentle dog Custom Metal Pins
Gentle dog Custom Metal Pins
1.2" Antique pins; die struck with antique nickel finish.
Pharmd Custom Metal Pins
Pharmd Custom Metal Pins
0.75’’ vintage pins with vintage silver finish.
 Law Chair Custom Metal Pins
Law Chair Custom Metal Pins
1.5’’ vintage pins with vintage nickel finish
Emblem Custom Metal Pins
Emblem Custom Metal Pins
0.75" Vintage Pins, die struck with vintage nickel finish.
767 Vintage Pins
767 Vintage Pins
0.75’’ vintage pins with vintage gold finish.
 Booot Vintage Pins
Booot Vintage Pins
1.7’’ Vintage pins with vintage nickel finish
STAAT Vintage Pins
STAAT Vintage Pins
1" Vintage pins with antique brass finish
Chorus Vintage Pins
Chorus Vintage Pins
0.75" Vintage pins with vintage brass.
2019 ASA Vintage Pins
2019 ASA Vintage Pins
1" Vintage pins with antique brass finish
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Vintage Pins

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  • Gentle dog Custom Metal Pins
  • Pharmd Custom Metal Pins
  •  Law Chair Custom Metal Pins
  • Emblem Custom Metal Pins
  • 767 Vintage Pins
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Vintage Pins

What Are Vintage Pins?

Vintage pins usually are made by metal and into antique effect. The common antique pins have a simple design without a colorful design. The colors include gold, brass, nickel, and copper, the simple design can perfectly and clearly show the design on antique pins.

Antique pins have classic and full of sense of history so that they are loved by lots of people who like antique feel. They are suited as a souvenir as an anniversary or antique party. The raised areas are polished to make them brighter, while the concave background areas remain dark to best contrast with all your designs. We can also add textures to the recessed areas to create a more three-dimensional look.

What Are Vintage Hat Pins?

At first, the hat pin was invented in the early the 1900s, they were handmade and mostly used to hold veils and wimples. Because of the limits of handmade, hat pin was so lacked, current people even created the machine for mass production, so we know that the hat pin was popular even in 1900s. Until now, antique hat pins still help hold hat or hair, but also could be a fashion item for decor.

they are just a pin with one pearl on top at first, along with more and more women’ s attention, they become more complex design. the vintage hat pins usually use silver, stainless steel, brass, and 14K or 18K yellow gold as the main material, then they start to use more complex materials, such as pearls, gemstones, and diamond. We can divide them into three styles. Victorian Hat Pin, Art Nouveau Antique Hat Pins, and Art Deco Hat Pins. Victorian style is a simple design with black and white colors. They are usually be made for working girls. Art Nouveau is a style that refers to the design element of nature. Art Deco is more geometric, which affect by Revival.

Vintage Hat Pins

Vintage Pins VS Vintage Hat Pins

With the rise of vintage style, vintage pins start to get more attention as collector books. We can divide vintage pins into common lapel pins and vintage hat pins. Among them, vintage hat pins get much popular.

Vintage hat pins are also called antique hat pin sometimes. Each of them has a long pin that made by sterling silver, and for keeping the hat secure. Also, the bezel set gemstone for increasing the art nouveau. Therefore, they are not just a decoration, but also could be functional.

Vintage Hat Pins VS Vintage Pins

Vintage Lapel Pins

How To Get My Vintage Pins From Lapelpinbiz. Com

Lapelpinbiz usually produces more common vintage pins, but we also can make antique hat pins.

If you want to get a common style, you can make your design by design system online, or you can send us your concept and we will make it real. If you want to antique hat pins, you may need to offer us a concept or picture, their design needs our professional design team. After the design and other details have confirmed, the order will arrange production soon.

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Vintage Pins

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